Chartered Professional in Islamic Finance (CPIF)

The “CPIF” is the professional designation awarded to members who have met the qualifications and work experience requirements under the CIIF Standards. To be awarded the “CPIF” represents an achievement of high prestige by members of the CIIF.

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CPIF Scholarship & Bursary

Chartered and Fellowship Masterclass (CFM)

The Chartered and Fellowship Masterclass (CFM) is a 2-day programme aimed at on-boarding industry leaders holding key positions as Chartered members of the CIIF towards attaining the CPIF* designation. The CFM is also aimed at elevating eligible members of the CIIF currently holding the CPIF designation as Fellow Chartered members of the CIIF. The objective of the CFM is to support the professionalisation of industry professionals towards attaining the CPIF designation as part of the industry-wide commitment under the Joint Declaration with the CIIF.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All members who have been awarded the “CPIF” must fulfill their CPD requirements. CPD is the avenue for ensuring that members keep their knowledge and skills up to date, ensuring that they remain highly competent to execute their work as Islamic finance professionals.

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Executive Development Programme (EDP)

This is a fast-track programme, and is a structured training programme geared towards providing an accelerated pathway for members with less than 2 years of working experience towards achieving the “CPIF”. While this programme is open to members who meet the eligibility criteria, there are limited places available provided by industry players, and candidates for this programme will be required to go through a vigorous selection process by the participating institutions.

Other courses, industry talks, and professional development programmes

Members will be able to attend a range of courses, industry talks, and professional development programmes that are recognised by the CIIF.