• Establishment of pro-tem committee to set up ACIFP
  • ACIFP established by INCEIF as a professional body for CIFP graduates
  • Established 1st Council
  • 1st President - Dr Rozali Mohamed Ali
  • Soft launch at Lanai Kijang by the late Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Dato' Mohd Razif Abdul Kadir 
  • 1st Newsletter launched and published
  • ACIFP mentioned in BNM's Financial Sector Blueprint 2011 - 2020 as the professional standard setting body for Islamic finance
  • Started journey towards becoming an independent professional body
  • 2nd President - Rafe Haneef
  • Industry consultations on professional standards and the role of a professional body
  • Began development of first set of standards
  • President introduced ACIFP at Global Islamic Finance Forum 2012 side event, Sasana Kijang
  • Separation from INCEIF in preparation for independent operations
  • Proposed vision to BNM on Industry Charter and incorporation
  • EGM agreed to incorporate new entity to succeed ACIFP
  • ACIFP transformation included as part of AIF-IBFIM Capacity Building Project (CBP)
  • Formation of strategic linkage between ACIFP & IBFIM
  • 3rd President - Badlisyah Abdul Ghani
  • 1st CEO - Dr. Azura Othman
  • Began development on Industry Charter with AIBIM & MTA
  • 17th June - Incorporation of CIIF
  • 6th November - Official launch of CIIF, succeeds ACIFP
  • 1st CIIF Newsletter published, The Risalah
  • 1st CIIF Standards & Guidelines issued
  • Signing of landmark Islamic Finance Profession Charter