& Bursary

The CPIF Scholarship & Bursary Programmes aims to develop future leaders in the Takaful industry by providing opportunities to deserving young talents to pursue the Chartered Professional in Islamic Finance (CPIF) qualification offered by the Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIF)

Criteria & Eligibility

  • Total monthly gross household income of RM5,000 and below (Bursary)

  • Graduated no earlier than 1st January 2020

  • Minimum MUET Level 3/IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 550

  • Malaysian citizen

  • Not a recipient of any financial aid/scholarship that requires a service bond

  • Currently not enrolled in any other equivalent education sponsorship programme

  • CGPA of 3.5 (Scholarship), 3.2 (Bursary) and above

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field may apply

  • Advantage for graduates with the following degrees:
     1) Banking (including Islamic banking)
     2) Insurance (including Takaful)
     3) Finance (including Islamic Finance)

  • RM40,000 per pax
  • No monthly stipend
  • Enrolment for full CPIF (Takaful) programme

  • Study modules, training slides, and blended learning

  • CIIF Executive Programme & CPD courses

No exemptions allowable

3 years

Terms & Conditions

  • A copy of Academic Certificate (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • A copy of Official Academic Transcript
  • MUET / IELTS / TOEFL result
  • A copy of the Malaysian Identification Card
  • If employed, need confirmation of employment from HR (in email form)
  • A proof that your parents/guardian are the recipient of Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) from Malaysian Government through (applies to Bursary applicants)
  • Applicant’s Profile: To attach/upload CV
  • CTC for every document provided
  • Pursue the CPIF Qualification which includes attending tuition classes, completing assignments, passing examinations, attending professional development activities, as well as completing the CPIF Qualification within the duration stipulated in the Offer Letter
  • Provide valid reasons to the CIIF if he/she does not attend 2 tuition classes consecutively. Failure to do so, the recipient will be barred from taking the exam of that module
  • Inform with valid reasons to the CIIF immediately if recipient is unable to attend the scheduled exam
  • Comply with all rules & regulations enforced by the CIIF
  • Serve with any Employer (Takaful Operator) for a service period of more than 2 years and inform the CIIF in writing within 30 days after reporting to the Employer after completion of the CPIF Qualification


Additional note:

The Recipient must inform the CIIF in writing and provide proof of his inability to find employment in the Takaful Industry upon which the CIIF may, at its discretion, waive the requirement to serve 

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, in the event that the recipient :
    • is unable to find employment with any Employer within 6 months upon completion of the CPIF Qualification;
    • finds employment in a non-Takaful Industry while pursuing the CPIF Qualification; or
    • finds employment in a non-Takaful Industry after having completed the CPIF qualification
  • The Recipient must inform the CIIF in writing and provide proof of his inability to find employment in the Takaful Industry, upon which the CIIF may, at its discretion, discharge the Recipient from his obligation to serve in the Takaful Industry and all other liabilities associated with the Agreement


By submitting an application, you will have declared that you have read, understand and accepted our Notice on the Personal Data Protection Act (2010) and give us full consent to process your personal information along with sensitive data.