Pathway to Chartered Membership: CPIF

How CPIF can benefit to the industry?

Pathway to Chartered Membership: CPIF – Banking and Takaful

The CPIF qualification has two tracks, CPIF (Banking) and CPIF (Takaful), which candidates may choose based on their career aspirations.

Exemption Criteria for CPIF

CIIF will consider granting exemption from modules based on a set of criteria as per following;
Attributes Criteria
Professional Years of service in the Islamic Finance Industry
Years of the current role
A fully qualified member of a professional body in financial services
A fully qualified member of other professional body
Expert Highest qualification in Islamic Finance or other finance related (Diploma/Bachelor/Master/PhD)
Core experience/expertise
Recognised Contributor Contribution to the industry
Contribution to CIIF
Duration of completion: Candidates are required to register a minimum of 2 modules per assessments.
It is expect to complete the CPIF within duration of 2 to 4 years


2 sessions of assessments each year

Core experience/expertise


Candidates who meet the requirement is eligible for full exemption except “Professionalism & Ethics”
Exemption fees will apply
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