Knowledge, Integrity, Service

These 3 attributes underpin the very essence of members of the CIIF as qualified professionals that serve the Islamic finance industry.

Having Knowledge that is industry-relevant and keeping pace with new developments is an integral part of ensuring that industry best practices are adopted and implemented at every level.

As professionals, it is important to maintain the highest degree of Integrity in carrying out duties and responsibilities to the industry and its stakeholders.

Moreover, members of the CIIF are committed to delivering the highest quality and standards of aervice.

Members of the CIIF are required to adhere to the atandards and, in doing so, are expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity and represent the epitome of professional behaviour. Members will also be expected to observe the strictest levels of confidentiality and to do their utmost to maintain the highest degree of objectivity in carrying out their duties. Finally, members of the CIIF are expected to demonstrate professional competence which befits their standing as highly qualified professionals in their respective fields, roles and disciplines.

Members of the CIIF are encouraged to strive towards reaching the highest echelons of their profession, and to serve the industry and its stakeholders to the very best of their abilities.