CIIF Launches CPIF Scholarship And Bursary Programme To Assist And Groom Future Talents In Islamic Finance Industry

Building upon the importance of nurturing talents from young to build a pipeline of future leaders, the CIIF is also offering the CPIF Scholarship & Bursary programme for eligible candidates with the support of FWD Takaful for the second year.

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 July 2021 – The Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIF) today announced the launch of its Chartered Professional in Islamic Finance (CPIF) Scholarship & Bursary programme for eligible candidates with the support of FWD Takaful for the second year.Graduates with excellent academic backgrounds can utilize the CPIF Scholarship to enrol in the CPIF (Takaful) programme and underprivileged graduates can take advantage of the CPIF Bursary programme to enrol for the same programme. Both programmes are now available to elevate the Takaful sectors with highly competent talents – nurturing them from young to build a pipeline of future leaders. The Scholarship and Bursary programme is open for registration from now till the 31st of July 2021. 

In January 2021, the CIIF announced the availability of its flagship programme, the CPIF programme to all industry players and aspiring Islamic finance practitioners seeking in-depth knowledge of Islamic Finance. The programme is a professional qualification developed to equip candidates with the required knowledge to deliver professional services in the Islamic finance sector. Covering a wide range of subjects such as Shariah, Structuring Products, Enterprise Risk Management, Strategic Management, Legal and Governance as well as Audit and Compliance, among others, the program has been carefully developed with inputs from the industry’s finest leaders and experts. The CIIF has gone to extraordinary lengths to incorporate various strategies and joint efforts with leading industry organizations to further elevate the quality, impact, and benefits of the program. 

An important element of the CPIF programme and being a member of the CIIF is the compliance to the CIIF’s code of ethics and standard of professional conduct. Apart from providing a platform for professional education, the CIIF promotes standards of practice and ethics of the highest level in Islamic finance in order to advance the delivery of superior professional services and products in Islamic finance. 

Although the classes, delivered by CIIF’s appointed training partner, are currently conducted online due to the COVID-19 Movement Control Orders, the virtual lessons are engaging, interactive, and well facilitated by helpful and experienced trainers. According to one of the recipients of the CPIF Scholarship, Mr. Abdul Hadi Zalhe, the blended learning offered by the programme is suitable for working people like him. Further, having the CPIF qualification will get him ahead of the curve as the industry expectations for highly competent talents rises.

“The CIIF is committed to constantly develop and execute strategies to provide the necessary platform and tools for current practitioners and new talents to develop high level skills and competence in the industry. As the industry evolves, so has to be the talents that drive the industry. At the CIIF, we encourage eligible graduates to apply for the CPIF Scholarship and Bursary Programme to assist with their mission to elevate the Islamic finance profession”, said Dr Azura Othman, Chief Executive Officer of CIIF.

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